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Interview with Dante

The Kenosha Review is speaking with Dante, the owner of Charging Bull Auto Body in Kenosha, Wisconsin. This family-owned and operated business are ASE certified, with Dante boasting over 20 years of experience in the collision repair industry. Today, they will discuss the top five questions asked about collision repair.

Q1: How to determine if a car is worth repairing after a collision? Dante says the decision depends on the extent of damage and the car’s value. If the cost of repairs exceeds the value of the car, it may not be financially feasible to repair it. However, if the car holds sentimental value or has a high value, it may still be worth fixing even if the cost exceeds the car’s value. It ultimately requires a case-by-case evaluation.

Q2: How long does collision repair take? Dante explains that it can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on the damage and parts availability. The process may take longer if the damage is extensive or if special parts are required. The team at Charging Bull Auto Body aims to get their customers back on the road as soon as possible and provides regular updates on the repair progress.

Q3: Will insurance cover the cost of repairs? Dante states that insurance will usually cover collision repairs as long as you have the proper coverage. It’s best to check with your insurance company to confirm your policy’s coverage. The team at Charging Bull Auto Body can assist with the claims process and work with your insurance company to ensure that the repairs are covered.

Q4: How is the cost of repairs determined? Dante says the cost is based on several factors, including the damage extent, labor cost, and parts cost. Charging Bull Auto Body provides a detailed estimate before starting any work to provide transparency.

Q5: Can you match the paint color on my car? Dante confirms that the team has state-of-the-art paint-matching technology and uses the same high-quality paints as the original manufacturer to ensure a perfect match.

Q6: How to prevent future collisions or damage to your car? Dante advises following safe driving practices, regularly maintaining your car, and potentially investing in protective measures such as front or rear cameras or radar-based collision avoidance systems.

Q7: Can you repair all types of damage, including hail and flood damage? Dante says yes, the team is equipped to handle all types of damage and has experienced technicians trained to repair it.

Q8: How to obtain a rental car during repairs? Dante explains that they can help coordinate a rental car for you, either through your insurance company or by finding a reasonable rate.

Q9: Will repairs affect the car’s value? Dante says that properly done repairs usually won’t impact a car’s value and can even increase it by restoring the car to its pre-accident condition. He suggests checking with a professional appraiser or similar cars’ market value for a better understanding.

Q10: What to do if you’re not satisfied with the repairs? Dante says that Charging Bull Auto Body strives to exceed customer expectations and deliver the highest quality repairs. However, if there are any concerns, they ask that you let them know as soon as possible so they can resolve the issue and ensure your satisfaction.

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to auto body and collision repair is to choose a reputable and experienced shop like Charging Bull Auto Body. We have a long history of satisfied customers and a commitment to delivering the highest quality work. When you bring your car to us, you can rest assured that it will be in good hands and that we will do everything in our power to get it back to its pre-accident condition. Thank you for your time and for considering Charging Bull Auto Body for your collision repair needs.

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